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I joined the #TCOT movement on Twitter.  Basically, it’s a bunch of us grassroots types who are trying to shape the future of the GOP and harness the power of social media.  From the TCOT website:

Since the days of Ronald Reagan’s vision of America as the “shining city on a hill,” conservatives have been motivated to create an ideal version of our country.

Of late, we’ve lost our way.

Too many conservatives are looking backwards to the “Glory Days” of those great leaders who are no longer with us. They lived in a different world, with different technologies and a different citizenry.

It serves no purpose for us to wail and bemoan our recent misfortunes, as we try in vain to relive that which will never be again.

The path to re-establishing a limited government that is responsible only for those elements of the common good which we cannot provide for ourselves lies not with a political leadership that lives in decades past, or in “talking heads” comfortable in their own intellectual superiority, interesting in telling us what they think, but not hearing what we know.

Limited government will be re-established through the independently undertaken but voluntarily coordinated efforts of hundreds of thousands of netizen-warriors just like you and me. Unlike the CEOs of auto companies and mortgage companies begging to be bailed out of financial debacles of their own profligacy, the netizen-warrior approaches the task of righting our nation with the humility of servant leadership.

From that community servant leadership comes the moral authority by which other likeminded netizen-warriors will collectively work to return our country to the principles upon which it was founded.

via Top Conservatives on Twitter.

Awesome, huh?  If you choose to join, tell them thekytikat sent you.

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