Lindell’s Lawyers Drop Him for Non-Payment

Mike Lindell has had a rough couple of months. In July, it was announced that sales were down 95%, and the company had been forced to sublet the warehouse and sell off a lot of the equipment used to make his products. Lindell blamed Walmart and Cancel Culture for the $100 million dollar loss in sales.

In late September, Lindell told Steve Bannon that American Express had suddenly reduced the amount of available credit for the business from 1 million to 100 thousand, crippling My Pillow’s ability to do business. He also claimed to be facing five different IRS audits over his hiring practices.

All of this led him to slash prices in October, with discounts ranging between 50-75% if you have the right codes. Then, his lawyers dropped him as a client and notified the court that he was several million dollars in arrears, therefore they could not continue to represent him anymore.

Besides the billion dollar lawsuits by Dominion and Smartmatic, Lindell was told by the courts back in April 2023 that he had to pay the winner of his original Cyber Symposium challenge issued back in 2021 the $5 million dollar reward, and that man has now taken him to court for lack of payment.

As I said in 2022 when the feds seized his cell phone, Lindell is bankrupting himself because he can’t admit that he got scammed.

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