Donald Trump is Afraid of Megyn Kelly – and His Supporters are Jerks.

Donald Trump, as of this moment, will not be appearing in tonight’s FoxNews GOP debate.  The last time, he got upset that Megyn Kelly asked him a question about how he treats women. It was a relevant question, considering Hillary was trying to revive the War on Women crap just a few days earlier. But the Donald got his nose all bent out of joint, and said Megyn was attacking him. He then said in an interview the next day that Megyn was just having woman problems, and has since attacked her personally and repeatedly called her a bimbo on social media.

His own actions and repeated attacks on Megyn after that debate prove the validity of her question. He is not someone I want in the highest office of the land.

I unfollowed Rush Limbaugh on facebook today, because he has been Team Trump this whole time. I also hate that anytime I speak out against Trump’s ideas, I get roundly attacked by his supporters.  I’ve been called everything from a Democrat, to “tranny”, to “cuckservative” – a completely racist term.

Thing is, the last time I got attacked so viciously by political opponents — Barack Obama was running for office. Trump supporters are just as bad as the Obama supporters.

1 thought on “Donald Trump is Afraid of Megyn Kelly – and His Supporters are Jerks.

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more, Lorraine. I, for one, hope that no one involved with the Debate even mentions Trump. That must be what he wants as well!

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