Lindell’s WMD Might Get Someone Arrested

At Mike Lindell’s latest “symposium” to “save America’s elections” or whatever, he hyped a new device that he said would be able to detect if a voting machine was connecting wirelessly to the internet. He called is his Wireless Monitoring Device, AKA, the WMD. I wish I was joking.

Hilariously, the website he set up to monitor these devices seems to have been hacked.

He wants people to buy the devices and deploy them at their polling places, and even suggested strapping the device to a drone and flying it around the polling place. Please do NOT do this. Any of these actions might get you arrested.

Even worse, it appears that Mike has been scammed again. This device is pretty much just a network sniffer, and where did Mike get these? Who sold him on the idea that this would work? None other than his old pal, Dennis Montgomery.

You might recognize that name if you’ve been following the Lindell descent into madness. Dennis Montgomery was the person who gave Lindell those “data packets” back in 2020 in exchange for a 1.5 million dollar house and convinced him that it was solid evidence of election interference and machine hacking. Dennis is at it again, convincing Lindell that repackaged network sniffers are magical devices that will find all those wily Chinese/Russian hackers accessing our polling machines.

It’s not true. I worked at a polling station that used these Dominion Voting Machines. They don’t connect to anything but the electrical outlet in the wall. The ballots are loaded into the machine ahead of time, and if any tampering were to happen, that would be when it happens. Most locales have switched to the ballot readers anyway, which can have problems, as was demonstrated in Maricopa ’22 when the wrong size ballot was loaded into the machine. But again, they don’t connect to the internet. The e-poll books do, to ensure that someone doesn’t try to check into multiple precincts, but the ballot readers and polling machines do not.

Mike had been scammed yet again. And worse, rather than take a step back and realize that nothing Dennis Montgomery has given him turned out to be what it was supposed to be, Lindell is mindlessly proclaiming the virtues of the newest scheme and trying to sell his ever-diminishing audience on the scam.

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