Terrible Twos.

At least I can relax in the knowledge that this will be last time to go through the terrible twos.  After this, all I have left are the mouthy kid years, the premenstral preteen years, the ragin’ hormonal years, the “I know everything, DUH!” years, and the reckless endangerment years.

Meanwhile, my sweet baby, DS 19 Months, has turned into the two year old monster, 5 months ahead of schedule!  his new favorite words are “uh-uh!” said while shaking his head back and forth so hard he practically falls over, and holding his little hand in the air pinching his fingers together rapidly to form the sign language “no” sign as best a 19 month old can.

Oh trust me. this doesn’t fly.  Because Mama don’t play that.  Just ask your older siblings kid.

But on the other hand, he can be the most adorable little kid.  It is so hard to resist his  great big eyes, and outstreched hand as he says, “Mo..  Mo, Peas?” (Translation: More… More, Please?)

1 thought on “Terrible Twos.

  1. I haven’t even seen the kid, and I just got cuted out. But yeah, once they get to the teen years, you’ll be wishing for the terrible twos 🙂

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