A love-hate relationship

I have a love/hate relationship with my Paint Shop Pro.  Lately, I’ve been having problems with PSP eating more and more memory. I’ve got 2 gigs of memory! and yet every time I try to do text on a path, I wind up locking up! Ridiculous… so my wonderful DH says, have you checked for updates?

Well.. I know there are, but I haven’t installed them because update 10.01 was known to be buggy and crash ‘puters, and update 10.02 messed with my computer… but lookie lookie! they have 10.03 out! so lets give it a try.

But oh wait. you have to install 10.02 before you can install 10.03. So I bite my tongue and install it. Then we shut down to go to church, and to visit my mom’s this afternoon. get back tonight, power up, and whaddya know? the system is funky. I get the wallpaper, but that’s it. nothing else. Reboot, nothing. Reboot again, still nothing. reboot using the Boot menu. Finally I get desktop! Reboot again to see if it will work now. Nope. Reboot again with the boot menu. Woohoo! I’m in! let me get rid of this “update” now.

Oh wait! you can’t! You can’t just uninstall the update patch. and my System Restore didn’t create a restore point. So I have to uninstall PSPX all together to get rid of the update. Reboot. Now the desktop appears, and the icons appear. but nothing opens. But hey, I can get the Task Manager with the 3 fingered salute. So I start shutting things down. I hit the Acrobat Speed launcher (I have NO clue how this got in my Start folder. I didn’t put it there. It wasn’t there this morning!) and Presto! everything works again!

So spend the next hour getting rid of junk, cleaning out the drive, reinstalling PSPX. I turned off the Speed Launcher, and got rid of it. then tried a reboot, again.. Success! Finally! I got the machine working again! Hooray!

Time for bed. *S* at least now I can sleep…

2 thoughts on “A love-hate relationship

  1. Perhaps if you waited until 30 to have your child (as is suggested) you wouldn’t have so many problems. You young mothers today act as if the stork just dropped the little alien you call “angel” off on your doorstep or something. If you think back…it wasn’t an accident, you meant to spread your legs for random dick. Where’s the father?

  2. Ummm… Maybe if you actualy read this blog, instead of random flaming, you’d realize that nothing in this post related to my children or their father in any way shape of form…

    And excuse me, but there was nothing “random” about the conception of my three beautiful children. I waited to “spread my legs” until I got married.

    You claim to be the voice of “Responsibility”, yet you choose to randomly flame my blog because my life choices are different from what *you think* my life should be. Good thing I don’t listen to you. Otherwise I wouldn’t have such a wonderful man for a husband. I also wouldn’t have three adorbale little kids, who although they can be monstrous at times, are some of the nicest, most well behaved kids in the neighborhood. Don’t believe me, ask my neighbors, they’ll back me up.

    You are nothing more than a random pest. I’m sure even the smallest fly thinks he’s hot stuff in his own world. So go randomly flame someone’s blog. I won’t tolerate anymore here. It’s my blog, and any further posts from you will be deleted.

    Peace, Love, and Hair Grease.

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