About Me

I am:
~ a Christian, first and foremost.
~ a SAHM. It’s the most important job in the world. I have 3 kids.
~ a veteran’s wife. I support our military.
~ a digital scrapbooker.
~ A blogger. I’ve always loved writing, now I have an outlet to do so!
~ the former Graphic Designer for Angel Babies Forever Loved. I have 4 babies in heaven, all miscarriages.
~ a FLYbaby! I’ve learned much about running a house from Marla and the crew.
~ addicted to facebook & twitter.
~ very opinionated. I listen to Dana Loesch, & get my news from various sources online.
~ a conservative
~ a pro-life.

Out of consideration for my DH, I try to avoid using my kid’s names on my blog.  *S*  but my kids are Capt740 (formerly GeekBoy), thePinkDiva, & LtVv111 (formerly BigBoy).

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