Lindell Refuses to Pay Up

At his 3 day symposium, Lindell had challenged the cyber sec experts in attendance, promising a $5 million bounty if they could prove his data was false. Bill Alderson from Texas has put in a claim for the money, and predictably, Mike Lindell has declared that Bill’s information is all false, and not based on the real data.

Bill Alderson of the Texas-based Security Institute told Dakota News Now that he registered for the challenge and attended the disastrous “Cyber Symposium,” where Lindell was supposed to present “packet captures” proving his wild claims about the presidential election being stolen from President Donald Trump. 

But Alderson ― who told Salon he is a Trump supporter and hoped to prove Lindell right ― said the pillow baron gave him and other experts in attendance nothing.

On top of that, a witness to the so-called “attack” that Mike Lindell claimed happened on the night of Day 2 says it did not happen.

Buongiorno said nothing he saw could be described as an attack that would leave Lindell in pain. He added Lindell showed no indication anything was amiss as he walked to the glass elevator and rode it to the 6th floor.

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