Stay Klassy Big O.

The Dalai Lama was sent out of the White House via the side door…  right past the piles of garbage that have supposedly not been picked up due to the recent “Global Warming” all piled up some 40 inches high in D.C.  I guess Big O had to make sure the Chinese knew he really didn’t mean any of this, it’s just another check mark on the protocol sheet.

I’ve been searching the interwebz for the better part of my morning, trying to find out how the White House actually handles trash.  I have a hard time envisioning a big green Waste Management truck rolling up to the side door of the White House.  I know Ms. O was supposed to have a couple of compost bins built (though I can’t find any evidence that they have been installed yet.  If anyone knows how the White House deals with it’s trash, please let me know.

Also, a rumor has been started that Big O handed the Dalai Lama, a man who doesn’t wear sleeves, a set of cuff links as he headed out the side door past the piles of trash.  Thing is, I heard it on the radio first – on a show where the host is know for his satirical sense of humor.  Given O’s past record of gift giving, I wouldn’t doubt it…  But…  I’m not ready to call this one yet.  I just can’t find the evidence that it’s anything more then a rumor based on a joke.

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