Daily Wire vs Crowder, Tim Pool Edition.

So I watched Crowder on Tim Pool last night, and he revealed some details that, frankly, tip the scales in his favor. For instance, turns out that in one of his early calls with Jeremy Boreing, they spoke about Daily Wire’s takeover of all social media, and Crowder told Jeremy he didn’t need that, he’s got a guy, Gary, who is awesome at his job. A few days later, Daily Wire sent an unsolicited job offer to Gary, offering him more money if he would leave Crowder and come work for them. Gary told them where to shove it, and gave Crowder permission to share the email.

Watching Crowder and Tim Pool talk about contracts, and the issues with YT, and knowing that both men had talks with Daily Wire and have some inside baseball, then hearing the numbers from Gerald — I’ll take an “L” here. Crowder is right to expose this seedy underside of Conservative Media, and he made sure to tell everyone that Daily Wire is NOT the only company with these sorts of terms, he’s talking about ALL of them.

Then, just to get a different perspective on all the legal stuff, I watched a Rekieta stream where lawyer Nick Rekieta discussed the whole issue with Robert Barnes, another lawyer who has contract experience. The things they pointed out just solidified Crowder’s actions as correct. Barnes even said that if he had been a lawyer advising Crowder through this, he would have demanded Crowder record that last phone call, because you need the evidence.

All of this together, I still think that maybe there was some miscommunication between Crowder and Jeremy Boreing, but the more information comes out, the more I lean toward Crowder here.

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