So it begins…

I just wrote about how bad rent control will be for the community, and here’s a story about a landlord who has decided to start charging for parking permits, “because parking is such a big problem.” Uh huh.


From ABC7:

“The complex’s solution is a new parking program that suddenly demands residents pay $52 for a parking permit and $103 for a reserved spot. The letter also said there will be a waitlist followed by a smiley face emoji.

At the end, in bold red print, it said, “any car onsite without a permit by April 1 will be towed.”

Residents at the Oaks of Oxon Hill apartment complex are outraged after management added new rent charges. (7News)

“Where did they come up with this $52 and $103 to charge us for parking? It’s a money grab. I didn’t like it one bit,” Murphy said.

Prince George’s County Council Member Ed Burroughs agreed that the apartment’s plan to charge its residents more is not fair.

“I’m shocked and I’m very angry about it,” Burroughs said.

County Council member Burroughs called the letter “disrespectful to residents.” He believes the management of Oaks at Oxon Hill is simply trying to raise the rent in defiance of the county’s new rent control law which caps yearly increases at 3%. He explained he’ll be meeting with management soon.”


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