Please pass the popcorn, this is gonna be good!

One day after Brietbart held a press conference at CPAC to announce the release of damning evidence in the Pigford scandal, he’s been hit with a lawsuit.  His response – bring it:

Andrew Breitbart said, in response to being sued, “I find it extremely telling that this lawsuit was brought almost seven months after the alleged incidents that caused a national media frenzy occurred. It is no coincidence that this lawsuit was filed one day after I held a press conference revealing audio proof of orchestrated and systemic Pigford fraud. I can promise you this: neither I, nor my journalistic websites, will or can be silenced by the institutional Left, which is obviously funding this lawsuit. I welcome the judicial discovery process, including finding out which groups are doing so.”

via Big Government.

Jim Hoft, of Gateway Pundit, reveals that the woman suing Andrew is none other then Ms Shirley Sherrod herself.  Oh.  This is going to be awesome.

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