Just have to get this off my chest.

Right now, the Dept of Ed is working on a national standard for education. (source) Once they get it in place, it won’t be long until homeschoolers are told they must comply with the federal standard. It will be a slow, incremental takeover, with everything about it sold as “in the best interests of the children.”

England is using the UNCRC to attack homeschoolers. (source) I expect the same here when it gets ramrodded through Congress. They will combine the UNCRC with the Nationalized standards and tell homeschoolers what we can and can not teach. Failure to comply = forced public school attendance or worse.

Meanwhile, even Tom Daschle is backing off the socialized medicine idea, not that the current admin will listen. (source)

And the FDA is trying to do to small organic farmers what CPSIA will do to small business. (source)

All while the fed is taking over the banking industry and the auto industry. Several car dealers forced to close have been left bankrupt, because they aren’t allowed to sell off the current inventory, and the car makers aren’t allowed to buy it all back. (source, source)

Unemployment is rising. Inflation will too. The value of the dollar will plummet once all that new money being printed is released. Even the UN is urging smaller countries whose reservoir of cash is in American dollars to ditch the dollar before it goes south. The Chinese are buying up huge chunks of our debt (source) as well as land all over California (source), and it won’t be long before they own us. The governmental spending is through the roof, the national debt is out of control, the cost of gas is creeping back up.

Meanwhile, NKorea is aiming missiles toward Hawaii in their latest test (source), and the Iranian people are begging for freedom(source) and getting gunned down in the streets.(source, source) And what are doing about any of it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Which makes us look weak in the world’s eye, and makes us a target once again.

How’s that hope-n-change taste now?

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