Is Steele really this dumb?

Dude is trying to say that because he was elected RNC chair, and the steps he & the GOP took this past election, Tea Party folks did not form a third party.

Steele is trying to spin the situation and make it seem as if his efforts and that of the national party corralled the Tea Party movement and led the Tea Partiers to an electoral victory. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, it was the ‘tuther way ’round, Mr. Steele. It was the Tea Partiers that forced the GOP to take notice, to heed policy ideas, and to glom onto Tea Party support to win in 2010.

via » RNC Chair Steele Tries to Take Credit for 2010 Tea Party Success – Big Government.

Dude, seriously?  Tea Party folks dragged your dumbass up out of the mud and saved this election for you.  Need proof? Look at how many party favorites went the way of Dede Scozzafava.  Heck, the fact that there even was a Scozzafava in the first place proved the GOP just didn’t get it.   Dude needs to go.

I want Sarah Palin for RNC chair.  I know alot of conservatives are hoping she’ll run for President, but I think Palin would do ALOT more good as party chair.  There she could clean out the RINO trash and bring the whole party back in line with true conservatism.  Plus, she has ALOT of influence in elections – which is what your party chair should be able to do – and she kicks rear end at fundraising.

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