Does Terry McAuliffe Have Investements In Syria?

Is it possible this is why McAuliffe will not release his tax returns, after being very vocal and demanding that Romney do so in 2012?


With this new business venture, McAuliffe will seek to bring jobs to the medium-sized and small business sector of the Middle East. It’s not clear which countries are targeted, but the fund was mentioned, though still unnamed, in last year’s annual report by the MENA Private Equity Association. The report urged investors to consider working with the countries involved in the Arab Spring: Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya and Syria.
“The Arab Spring has the potential to usher in improved governance, greater transparency and a more stable investment environment which … have traditionally offered limited opportunities to private equity players,” the report said.

One thing is certain. Whatever the 2012 report suggests, Americans can’t invest in Syria.

“It’s illegal for Americans to do business with Syria,” said David Grayson, CEO of Auerbach Grayson [12], a global New York-based stock brokerage firm. “There are sanctions against Syria. Americans can visit, but they can’t invest money there.”

Read the whole article over at It is enlightening to say the least.

Source: Democratic leaders have their own Bain pain in Mideast private equity deal »

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