Thanks for the memories…

It’s been a rough couple of days.  I decided to revive my old Kat’s Skraps blog, but not in a designer capacity.  Instead, I choose to make it a bloggy story about re-learning to scrap, Die Cut Bytes.  Cute right?  Then I hit a brick wall.  You see, I used to use the desktop all the time.  That’s where all my old files are.  That’s where Paint Shop Pro is.  Juanito (yes, I named the desktop Juanito) and I had quite a love affair going.  That was, until Odina, the laptop, became my new mistress.  In fact, “Odina” means Divine Creative Inspiration, and with a name like that, how could I not shower her with daily affection. Apparently Juanito is jealous.  He has decided to just up and stop working.  Well, that’s not exactly true, but he is no longer all that easy to turn on, and he had forgotten key things in our past like, oh, registry entries for Paint Shop Pro, Start menu items, the CD Rom Drive…  Yea.  Not fun.  After several days of gently trying to stroke his ego, and convince him that I do indeed still love him, the time has come.

The surgery is tentatively scheduled for Monday morning.  Drives will be wiped, memories will be scrubbed clean and sanitized, Operating System will be re-installed, and Juanito will be restored to his former glory.  Well, almost.  He’ll get to be one of the kids around here instead of a big kahuna.

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  1. Yeah, Juanito is not in so good shape… I performed some surgery (ie. opened the case & looked for broken stuff) nothing bad…. but lets hope that all goes well with the repair of OS & he will still stay in the fam…! Gosh, I so do love puters…! 🙂

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