Money doesn't equal class.

I was going to blog about Spygate, and how I am sick to death of hearing how “awesome” the 18-0 Patriots are.  I mean seriously, how much of that awesome talent of Brady’s is truly talent?  And how much is he’s been coached to recognize the signs of whats coming out on the defense?  It’s really easy to beat someone when you know what they are going to do every time.

I could also throw in the fines, including 4 on Vince Wilfork alone.   I could blog about how the Pat’s themselves admit to playing dirty.

But what really torqued me off, was this woman, Jessica Heslam, who wrote that Patriots fans were “smarter, classier and healthier and own pricier homes than the riff-raff who root for the New York Giants.”  Really?  Oh she really raised my hackles.  I could not believe the audacity.  So I’m riff-raff now Ms. Heslam?  Really?

I so upset, I called my mom, and read the article to her.  Mom summed it up way better then I could.  Mom said,

She’s a snob. The only thing that matters to her is affluence, because everything she is saying, doesn’t show more taste, just more money.  So she is a money-hungry, affluent snob.  Just because you don’t like that they [New York fans] don’t drive the same vehicles, or because your team’s fans run homes, which because they are larger, and higher priced would presumably consume natural resources at a higher rate then the people of New York…   Just because they [Pat’s fans] waste more money then the people of New York doesn’t mean they are better then New Yorkers.

Go Mom!  And she’s right.  Money doesn’t equal class.

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