Do you believe?

This morning, I’m listening to the radio, and they are talking about ghost stories. It’s got me thinking. I’ve got a few stories of my own.

First there was the time that I saw a 2 year old blonde girl running on my 3rd story apartment balcony. At the time, I was living in Italy, pregnant with the child who would become GeekBoy, our first to survive my womb. But, this was in 2000, about 2 years after we lost Angel. I heard a little laugh, and saw the flash of blonde hair and legs running past the glass door to the balcony out of the corner of my eye. It was so real, I ran out on the balcony to catch the girl before she got hurt. The brief seconds it took me to get off the couch and out the door, I wondered how in the heck a 2 year old could get onto my balcony. It was a big balcony, wrapped around almost the whole apartment. I walked the whole thing 4 times. I could not believe there was no girl. What I had seen was so real. When I finally accepted that there was no girl, it dawned on me. It was the second anniversary of Angel’s due date. I firmly believe the little blonde girl was my first baby.

The second time I experienced something was a few weeks later. I was 4 months pregnant with GeekBoy, when July 24, 2000 I suddenly felt really full. It wasn’t a contraction as much as it was suddenly it felt like there was 2-3 times as much baby in there. The feeling lasted for a minute or two, and then nothing. Later that night, I got the phone call that my Grandfather (dad’s dad) had died a moment before I had the weird feeling. Eerie. I swore up and down to DH that my Grandpa had come to visit his great-grandkid before going to heaven.

There have been a multitude of flashes of light. They always appear from the corner of my eye, and always around Angel’s AngelDay – December 29. I “see” her every year.

Then there was the year that GeekBoy was only about 3 years old, and declared that Angel lived by the light in the stairwell. We had never mentioned any of the angels to him, figuring it didn’t affect him, and he didn’t need to know that side of life yet. Yet not only did Angel live next to the light, he had 4 imaginary friends that year. An older girl who watched over and mothered them all, a sneaky boy who loved to play mysteries, and a pair that were almost twins who loved to play games. Sounded much like my 4 angels, Angel (dec 98), Mysterie Rayne (Dec 99), Sunshine Rae(Jan 02), and Charity Rose (Feb 02).

If that’s not freaky enough, GeekBoy became fascinated with mermaids almost a year ago, declaring he had a “Mermaid.” At first this irritated me, because he would talk about her like she was real, and make up huge elaborate stories about her. He talked about her so much, the other two began inventing mermaids also. But it wasn’t until about two weeks ago that he told us… Mermaid, is not really a mermaid. She’s a little blonde girl, a few years older then he is, who likes to dress up in a mermaid costume sometimes. And her birthday is July 15. July 15. Angel’s due date. Suddenly, I don’t mind “Mermaid” so much.

Then there was the time this past March when my dad died. thePinkDiva woke up the next morning and before we could tell her Grampa was dead, she told us that Grampa had come through her wall the night before. tPD said that Grampa had checked out her room and told it was cool, and that he was proud of her. Then he was gone. Thing is, Grampa died shortly after she went to bed. I believe he did visit her, and the rest of us. I believe he stopped by to see the house and let us all know how proud he was of us before he left. tPD is just the only one who saw him.

So there you have it. My experiences with the spiritual realm. I firmly believe in Angels. And I believe there are evil forces out there too. What about you?

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