"move" is a 4 letter word

Yuck. I hate moving. and I’m a military wife! You’d think I’d be used to this by now. But I’m not. The Company that owns our base housing has decided that my little development will be the first to come down and be rebuilt. That means I get to move. Aren’t I lucky?

I have a plan. I have a list. I have a very long list. I have three kids ages 5, 3, and 1. Two of those three kids have never known any other home but this one. The baby is in stages of meltdown as he watches the house slowly getting boxed up.

What makes it better is knowing that I am moving next to a friend. That actually will make this move easier. My 3 year old is looking forward to moving, because she can’t wait to be near her little boy-friend (Read: friend that is of the male persuasion, because, DUDE! She’s only 3! She’s way too young to date!) My 5 year old can’t wait to chase the 7 year old girl, I mean play with his friends. (Dude, seriously, he’s only 5, but he is such a PLAYA! oh my word! and yes, I do see the double standard. Whatever. It’s not like we taught him to chase after the girls, and truth be told, we tell him to leave them alone… he’s just a playa. No doubt.)

But, on the other hand, we have learned the former tenant was a crackhead. I mean a real I’m-an-idiot-got-caught-and-kicked-out-of-the-navy crackhead. DH is over there cleaning as I type because I definitely want *that* cleaned out of the house before we move in!!

What makes it worse though…  is that we will be moving again, in less than 6 months.  *sigh*  Someone stop me before I have too much fun.

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