Where do you Homeschool?


Yup.   Well, ok, we don’t actually travel the globe, though that would be awesome.  But since “learning” isn’t confined to a table or a desk, anywhere we go can easily become “school.”  Some photographic examples:

The Kitchen Table

At a local church’s fellowship hall with our Co-op, or a local park once the weather warms up.

a field trip to a local museum/fort

the living room couch

the back yard

and of course, the computer desk.

Learning happens anywhere.  So “school” is anywhere my kids are.   So… where do you homeschool?  Join the fun at Heart of the Matter.

7 thoughts on “Where do you Homeschool?

  1. What beautiful children!! It looks like you have a wonderful homeschool, filled with learning opportunities. You are right, learning happens as we live and can happen anywhere!

    Thanks for the glimpse into your homeschool!
    Have a great weekend

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