GeekBoy vs the Volcano

So, volcanoes are always a topic of interest around here, probably stemming from the time we spent living on the side of one.  Not that any of our children are old enough to remember that time, but they see pictures, hear stories, and every so often, GeekBoy starts reading books about volcanoes.  So today, after reading through a few library books about volcanoes, we built our own Baking Soda Volcano.

We used the directions found at  GeekBoy helped mix the salt dough for the cone, but he chickened out of shaping it once he discovered how sticky salt dough is.  But he was right there adding the baking soda and vinegar.  It was fun!

*The video is a stop motion type thing, made with a series of high-speed continuous shot photos.  Sound effects came from

Then our movie from Netflix arrived, as if on cue, and we watched Pompeii:  The Last Day.  Then GeekBoy closed off the day by building different volcanoes online at Discovery’s Virtual Volcano game.

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