Playin' with Photoshop

I’m working on my mad photo-editing skillz.  I found this great action at CoffeeShop Photography for fixing up eyes.  Even better because it’s free, and saves me the $$ I was considering spending at a different site for essentially the same thing.  Check it out:


Unretouched Diva


Diva Touched up

I forget everything I did here. Definitely a color correction, followed by a basic boost action, the Coffee shop filter, reduce noise, and probably a warming and Vignette.  I did this one yesterday though, so I forget.

Then there’s this one, taken today:

SOOC (Straight out of Camera)


And again, after I messed with it:


Let’s see – Color correction, Basic Boost (which includes a defog), CoffeeShop’s Powder room (just for the eyes though, I don’t like the way the skil looks “softened), a warming action, a lomo, and finally I ran it through Neat Image to get rid of the noise.

So…. what do you think?  like the SOOC images better? think the retouched shots are too fake?  I need constructive criticism here folks!  I’m doing another wedding in a few months, and need to work on my technique, both taking photos, and post processing!!

3 thoughts on “Playin' with Photoshop

  1. I absolutely love the difference with the first two. The eyes are beautiful. I really love the eyes in the second edit (4th picture), but I agree that the rest is a little brighter than I’d have chosen. It’s pretty amazing how much lovelier the eyes are with the actions.

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