Diffusing the Wicked Witch

Once a month I tend to turn into the Wicked Witch of the East Coast. I swear last night, while hearing myself rant & scream, I thought Damn. Where are the flying monkeys? And really, I could have used a few to help out with the dishes and the toys, but that’s beside the point.

But, I rocked out last night, til 2am actually. Oh, and I totally created a new scrapbook kit, and scrapped with it! I tend to lose track of time while scrapping, so that’s a part of why I rocked out til 2am, I just kept playing more videos/music while I worked. It was pretty fun, and something I tend to do once or twice a month (music that is, not create scrap-kits!), though usually I notice the clock sometime around midnight… but whateva. I’m actually doing pretty good this morning. But, since we have to go to the store, and the wicked witch is here, simmering just under the surface of this calm facade, coupled with a late night… Well, let’s just say the kids were overjoyed to wake up and find this message on the white board:

Why I love homeschool
and that’s what I love about homeschool.

2 thoughts on “Diffusing the Wicked Witch

  1. uh, yeah…I’m the wicked witch of the Pacific Ocean somedays. Poor kids. That’s what happens when Daddy is deployed and mommy never gets a break.

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