4 eyes & 3 hands to corral 7 kids.

1bzymama & I go way back. We shared a cellblock in hell a few years back. Now we live within a 30 minute drive from each other. We hang out every so often, and the kids have a blast together.  Last time we tried to go to the zoo, we got rained out, so we went back today.

There were moments, like when BigBoy climbed the fence at the goat pen and yelled out, “Surrender Goats!”  GeekBoy fed the giraffe, who was insanely close to the people.  Then there was the ever popular Monkey butt.  Then we found the squirrel monkeys, which led to the funniest Monkey Poop all day.

Feeding the giraffe

View the rest of the set here.

1 thought on “4 eyes & 3 hands to corral 7 kids.

  1. 3 hands huh??? Cute…We loved going there with you guys and plan on doing it a hell of a lot more. Thank you. I love your blogs btw 😉

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