At least the floor finally got mopped.

I didn’t handle it well.

Who would?

Jesus maybe.  Not me though, that’s for sure.

Are you sure you want the sordid details?

Last chance to click away.  I highly recommend Mamalogues.

Alrighty.  You asked for it.

She barfed.  Not just barfed.  thePinkDiva erupted, leaving a lovely trail of spaghetti sauce, and lo, it was not pretty.

It’s not that she barfed that set me off.  It’s that she forced herself to barf.  She was upset that I was not attention solely to her.  I mean, heaven forbid I should even glance in the direction of the boys when she’s feeling this way.

I didn’t handle it well.  I knew she did it to herself, I heard her forcing the coughs until she erupted.  I even warned her to stop.  I knew she did it for attention.  I simply cannot reward this kind of behavior.  Into the bathroom to wait until I’m done cleaning up the house, thank you very much.

There was much yelling, and swearing under my breath, as I tried to get Ragu and Meatball out of the fairly new carpet.  In the end, after all was cleaned up, including the child, I broke down and called my Mommy.   Sometimes even moms need their Mommies, and this was one of those times.

But hey, at least the floor got mopped.  It needed it anyway.

4 thoughts on “At least the floor finally got mopped.

  1. Hey I totally understand your extreme frustration. Sarah does the same thing but for fun. I swear she thinks I love to clean things up after, as you put it, erupting. Hang in there, you are doing a wonderful job with your children. And did you change Lil’Chicano to BigBoy?

  2. yea, I had to. the little guy got mad when he found out his internet name contained the word “lil'”. He declared quite forcefully that he is not little, he is “bigBoy” and thus the name stuck.

  3. Yuck! My son did the same thing once when I forced him to eat lasagna (which he had previously eaten dozens of times without issue.) Apparently my unfavorable response was shocking enough that he’s never done it again! Today the baby decided the floor needed to be mopped and grabbed her brother’s full glass of juice off the table!

  4. You handled this much better than I would have. I think I need a mom break. Can we have those? No. Oh well, would’ve done wonders.

    Glad to see your blog back up and running. Now to check the other one you busy girl.

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