Oh. My. Freakin'. Word.

We Beat the Packers!

This is so Freakin’ Awesome.

Ya’ll have no idea.

The first Super Bowl that my father can actually see, and his favorite team is in it.

Dad was legally blind. He loved football, and specifically the New York Giants. He had trouble following the ball on TV and always had to sit super close to the TV just to even have a hope of seeing what was going on. But he loved the game. I learned everything I know about football at my father’s feet while I watched the games with him.

These days, there are times when I swear I can hear Dad yelling at the TV through me. Every now and then I come out with a bit of football wisdom that I didn’t know I knew. I’m convinced that’s Dad speaking through me as he cheers on the Team with me.

This win is so freakin’ awesome. And so bittersweet.

Go Big Blue.

I love you Dad.

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  1. Cheers to your Dad. He has the best seat in the house;here’s hoping his team wins!!! I miss my dad, too and am always thinking of him every time I see the perfect martini glass or my camellias bloom. Saw your link on the HSHR board. Actually, I’ve read your blog before and enjoy it. It’s on my links to local home schoolers.

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