He is his father's son.

Yesterday was thePinkDiva’s first dance class. Literally moments before the class started, GeekBoy decided he wanted to take the course also, and asked the teacher if boys were allowed. Mrs.P was a bit taken aback, but thrilled to have a little boy interested in dance.

I, however, question his motives. Especially when, just before the class started, my 6 year old (soon to be 7) walked up to one little girl and had the following conversation:

GB: “Hi There.” (think Washington from Welcome back Kotter. Yes. Exactly like that!)

GB: “My name is GeekBoy*. I’m 6 years old. What’s your name?”

Girl: “Girl-Girl*.”

GB: “What’s your phone number?”

I kid you not!!!! Where do they learn these things??

*Names are changed to protect the innocent.

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