The Reception Photos

Just a few fun shots from the reception:

My not-so-little sister, Nani.

Bing’s baby sis.  I’ve nicknamed her CamGirl because she wants to learn photography.  She helped out at the wedding by shooting the Bride’s dressing room for me while I was doing photos of the guys on stage.

The Cake shot
An interesting take on the traditional cake shot.
Gramma and the happy couple
Gramma and the happy couple, just after her toast.

C2’s tearful toast
One of MomoT’s good friends, and Bing’s Co-worker.  I’ve nicknamed her C.2 because she is the second person in my sister’s circle of friends with the same name.  C.2 totally saved the day.  That’s a story I’ll blog later. *S*  Here she is giving a toast to the Bride and Groom.

Hugs all around
Big hugs all around after a very tearful toast by C.2.

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