Wikileaks proves Iraq had WMDs

Found this info on HotAir, which mentions specifically the barrels of mustard gas & the mortar rounds full of Sarin and mustard gas we found in Iraq in 2004.

This doesn’t surprise me at all.  I mean, the whole world knew Saddam not only had WMDs, but had also used them on his own people.  At the time of the Iraq invasion, there was plenty of evidence that WMDs existed, but that evidence was buried by the media.  So why didn’t the government do a better job of telling us this stuff?  Because if there was one thing GW sucked at, it was presenting his case to the public.  I distinctly rememberr being highly frustrated with the man and his admin over this point.

Ed Morrisey wraps up his article with this brilliant observation:

This isn’t exactly vindication of one of the arguments the Bush administration gave for invading Iraq, which was that Hussein had already begun stockpiling new WMDs and was working on nuclear weapons, but it is another vindication of the primary reason for restarting the war: Hussein and Iraq had violated the truce and refused to comply even after 17 UN resolutions demanding compliance. Hussein never had any intention of abiding by the truce, for whatever motivations one wants to assign to him. After the invasion, the US proved (through an armed-version of Wikileaks in Iraq’s diplomatic files) that the UN had allowed Hussein to grab billions in personal wealth by perverting the embargo in the Oil-for-Food Program, which would have given Hussein the means to fuel another WMD program as soon as the West withdrew from Iraq, and to restart Hussein’s dreams of pan-Arab dominance through military adventurism. In the end, there were no good options.

via Wikileaks documents show WMDs found in Iraq « Hot Air.

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