Valerie Ervin Duped by Parody Account, Twice.

This all started Tuesday night during the last Democrat gubernatorial debate. The parody account, Governor_Baker, tweeted that Valerie Ervin looks like she stepped off the set of Good Times.  

Wendy Fields, the executive director for the Democracy Initiative, tweeted, and later deleted, at County Executive Baker’s official twitter account, accusing him of the tweet from the parody account, and looping Valerie Ervin into the discussion. The next morning, Ms. Ervin responded to Rushern’s official County Executive account, calling the tweet from the parody account “poor taste.”

Multiple people, myself included, alerted Ms. Ervin that the tweet in question was, in fact, from a parody account.  Then the parody account responded to Ms. Ervin, and told her she looked “Dyn-o-mite!”  You’d think Ms Ervin would have noticed by now that this was a parody account.  But no. She responded to the fake account, thanking it for the compliments, and telling the parody that he was so much nicer “than the ‘fake’ one.”  You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

If this wasn’t bad enough, Ms Ervin also told another person that the “real Rushern” had just tweeted at her and he was “a true gentleman.”

This woman wants to be governor.

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