Undercover Protesting: Ur doin it wrong.

Found this video on RedState:


This is yet another example of cameramen getting pushed around at Democratic rallies.  I don’t know what this guy did or said that made the rally-goers zero in on him…  But dude…  Ur doin it wrong.

An undercover cop doesn’t go into a gang of drug dealers wearing his badge on his sleeve.  With  Tea party activity setting the Dems on high alert, people at these rallies are going to question anyone with a camera.

Wear the “Palin Sucks” shirt.  Be prepared to talk the talk. And for goodness sake people, use the buddy system!!!  At least 2 cameras at all times, and I would go further to suggest having a non-camera person with each camera to be the “muscle” so to speak.  There is such a thing as strength in numbers.

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