Obama votes “Present” on foriegn & domestic issues

Earthquakes & Tsunami in Japan, rebel uprising in Libya, turmoil in the Middle East, Great Depression Part 2 in the US, budget woes in Congress, Union thugs trying to take over in Wisconsin, Ohio, and several other states…. And what does Obama choose to address in his weekly radio address? Gender inequality. Huh? Say wha?

Amid chaos around the world and on Capitol Hill, Obama’s Saturday radio address was devoted to Women’s History Month and a call to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, a proposal meant to address the income gap between men and women. Then, the president went golfing at Andrews Air Force Base.

“I don’t know if they don’t realize the disconnect and maybe they don’t care … but it does matter,” Dana Perino, former White House press secretary under George W. Bush, told Fox News.

via Obama Urged to Seize Reins as Crises Pile Up – FoxNews.com.


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