Attention #Ferguson: Terrorizing Kids is not the way to protest.

First a group in Seattle terrorized a children’s choir who were trying to sing at a tree lighting.  The kids were up on the balcony when the protestors took it over.  They kids were terrified and had to be rushed off to a corner.  Most of them were crying.  A reporter at the scene had this to say:

Then tonight I see this on twitter:

There were kids in that Ferris wheel while these nuts walked around screaming.  I’ll be honest, they are lucky I wasn’t there, or God help me I might be in jail tonight.

I get that they want to protest, I even understand that they are upset about Tamir Rice & others who don’t have Christmas this year….  but dammit, leave the kids alone!  There is no reason to terrorize kids to get your message across.  NONE of this helps their cause. None.  I’d say one day someone is going to die at one of these protests, but it’s already happened.

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