That is NOT the Way to Make Money!”

Two teeth gone!

Last night was a busy night for the Tooth Fairy at our house.  At various points in the day, both PinkDiva & Capt740 mentioned they had a loose tooth that was bothering them when they tried to eat. After dinner, I pulled out my Dentist Mom hat & took at look at Capt740’s mouth first.  Sure enough, he had a tooth that was translucent and really loose.  With a little encouragement, it popped right out.  He was happy and ran off.

Then about 5 minutes later, he came out and said, I lost another one! Sure enough… 2 teeth gone! He said after I pulled the first tooth, the other tooth felt loose. When he wiggled it to see how loose, it came right out in his hand.  It quickly dawned on him that this meant he’d get two dollars, and he got even more excited.  I checked the rest of his teeth because, dude, that is not the way to money!

If that wasn’t enough, PinkDiva also had a loose tooth that had started to break apart while still in her gum. It needed to come out ASAP, but she HATES getting teeth pulled. I tried to explain this to her, but she freaked out. Tony talked to her & calmed her down. She let me get in there, and within a few minutes the tooth and all the pieces were out.

The little guy then chimed in and said that getting his teeth was payment enough. Then the three of them laughed about the fact that in our house Mommy is Santa Claus & Daddy is the Tooth Fairy.  Daddy’s wallet is little bit lighter today, but at least no one is complaining about pain when they eat anymore.

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