A New Cause of Autism?

By: Becky Wetherington

I am autistic (Asperger’s Syndrome), so stories about autism always catch my attention.  When I saw this one, Inducing Labor May Be Tied To Autism Study Says, roll through my facebook feed, I had to stop and read.

The biggest study of its kind suggests autism might be linked with inducing and speeding up labor, preliminary findings that need investigating since labor is induced in increasing numbers of U.S. women, the authors and other autism experts say.

It’s possible that labor-inducing drugs might increase the risk — or that the problems that lead doctors to start labor explain the results. These include mothers’ diabetes and fetal complications, which have previously been linked with autism.

Like most research into autism causes, the study doesn’t provide conclusive answers, and the authors say the results shouldn’t lead doctors to avoid inducing labor or speeding it up since it can be life-saving for mothers and babies.

I have 3 kids with varying degrees of autism. But the one that is most affected, was NOT induced. There are plenty of factors in play when it comes to Autism.

One is genetics – it runs in my family.

Two is environment. There are way too many studies that show groupings of learning disorders and disabilities that appear in certain places, for instance near a power plant. There are also groupings of issues that crop up within certain occupations of the parents.

Three is medications taken while the mom is pregnant. There have also been studies proving that drugs in general can have a lasting affect on the DNA of developing babies in utero. A while back it was determined that a drug commonly used to stop preterm labor – Terbutaline – was linked to Autism. Because of this, it is no longer used to treat pre-term labor. I have had terbutaline, but again, my most affected child is NOT the one I had the terbutaline with.

Four is vaccines. I’m not anti-vax, I just believe that we load them in way too much and way too early. There is solid proof that the govt admits that vaccines play a role. The heavy metals and even residual DNA from cows, pigs, & even the aborted fetal cell lines used to make the vaccines can all play a role in what really should be called “vaccine-injured” kids. Thing is, if word got out that a small percentage of kids got injured by the vaccines, parents would refuse them more often. Big Govt & Big Pharma can’t have that now. So the vaccine-injured kids get labeled Autistic, and Autism becomes a huge cash cow as research try to figure out why there are so many different factors and potential causes.

Truth is, they don’t know what really causes it. So many of the neurological issues have VERY similar symptoms. Autism is likely several different neurological issues all rolled under the one banner, because they don’t understand any of them.

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