So… I finally saw the Twilight Movie.

So, I saw the Twilight movie. Let me just say, I loved the books. I devoured the books.  I read all four 600+ page books four times! (Yes, I have read the series four times now. How pathetic is that?)

Honestly, and this is going to seriously piss off Twilight fangirls, I don’t get why Rob Pattinson is “so hot”.  Edward, in the book, just sizzled…  ooo…  he just oozed sexy with each written word.  RobPatt’s portrayal, Meh.

I have a theory as to why RobPatt’s Edward just doesn’t do it for me.  Because he doesn’t live up to the Edward of my imagination while reading the book.  Honestly, I did not even realize that Edward was supposed to be a red head until after I read the book for the fourth time. I mean, I read the description of him, but “copper-colored hair” just never stuck in my imagination.  Somehow, I always saw him as a smoldering dark haired Latino type, you know…  just like my husband. *S*  Oh yea…  and of course, the manners.  Book Edward would never hold his nose and act like he’d just smelt the most horrendous fart ever and would barf he had to take one more whiff of it.  Book Edward clutched the desk hoping for something to keep him from launching into an attack while leaning away as subtly as possible & refusing to acknowledge Bella’s presence.  Bella interpreted his actions to mean she stank or else something was wrong with him.  Book Edward had way more class then Movie Edward, who looked for all the world like he’d just caught a whiff of the nearby sewer and was about to hurl his lunch all over the place.  And that’s just one example how Book Edward had way more class then Movie Edward.

I knew the movie would be different.  I knew some things would have to change. I just felt like they really didn’t do the story justice with the changes they made.  And seriously – the glitter skin should have been so much better.  But, I understand there really wasn’t much of a budget for this one, which is super sad since it was bound to be a huge hit with the Twi-Fans.

I know the book was written from Bella’s point of view, but I think the movie could have been told much better if they had meshed the story from Twilight with the rough draft of Midnight Sun (note to Ms. Meyer:  Please, please, pretty please with sugar on top, finish Midnight Sun!!!  I will so buy it!)  The insight into Edward’s mind would have allowed to shoot certain scenes (like the first time he meets Bella in school) from a different perspective that would have allowed for more explanation without making Movie Edward so classless.

I think Jacob & Charlie stole every scene they were in, but that has a lot to do with the personalities of those charaters. Jacob is a friendly, happy guy.  Bella is introspective and brooding.  Charlie is just oblivous and on the whole a good guy.  Edward is trying to hard to pull off that dark, mysterious, sexy vamp thing, it just fell flat for me.

But I am so looking forward to the next couple of movies.  Can.Not.Wait!

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