Earth's last Eden meets American reality TV

Yup, I caught Survivor Gabon online a few days late because of satellite disruptions last Thursday.

May I just say that Fang got pwned, srsly.  I will miss Gillian’s soft South African accent, but not the yowling cheerleader she became at challenge time.  While I thought her pick of Crystal was smart at first,… well, yea.  Crystal may be fast, but good at Survivor type challenges?  That is yet to be seen.  That said, Crystal will get to lay low as long as GC keeps shooting off his mouth.  Mr. Sure I’ll Be The Leader, Wait, No I Wont.  He has a serious chip on his shoulder.  He went bat-shit insane on Gilly when she mentioned that in general the tribe ought to respect quiet hours.  He insisted it was an attack on him personally, and if the preview from next week is any indication, this mentality will on continue until they kick him off.  He’s got a very Me-Against-The-World attitude that will make him a HUGE target in this game.  Personal Trainer Matty is just in denial over how bad his team totally sucks.  Meanwhile, Dan the lawyer. Dan, Dan, Dan…  How can you be a lawyer and be that stupid?  Wait, nevermind.  He so over thought the clue!  and if he just kept walking a few more over the top of the hill he would have seen the “Crater of Sand.”  Wonder if he’s feeling stoo-pid watching the replay.

On the Kota tribe, old man Bob is more of an asset then he looks.  Whaddya know?  Phyics teachers from Maine know a little sumpin’ sumpin’ about surviving in the wilds of Africa.  It’s clearly a case of a more experienced mind in a body fit enough to keep up – for now.  in a few weeks when what little body fat he had is gone and the food is scarce, it will be a different story altogether.  Plus, Charlie has such a crush on Marcus.  However, Marcus is totes strait and has already told Charlie once to back off. (The “this may be Eden, but we are not Adam & Adam” line – Priceless!)  However, Charlie feels so “safe” whenever Marcus is around.  Dude!  The whole convo in the canoe, my gaydar was on hi!  Marcus has to see this, if not he is the blindest guy to ever grace the show…  wait, no, I don’t think anyone can truly take that title from last season’s Jason, but still…  If Marcus doesn’t see the man-crush he must have no gaydar.  I totes see this little crush causing big trouble in little Kota very soon if Charlie can’t reign himself in.

Whatever happens in the next few weeks, it is surely shaping up to be a fun season.  Can’t wait til next Thursday!

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  1. This must be what it’s like when I share info from Lost with those who don’t watch it. Cause I don’t watch Survivor. So this is kind of some other language. Amusing, in an ignoramus sort of way. Ha! Ha!

    When you start opining about Lost, then I can follow along. Of course, we still have to wait until NEXT YEAR! UGH! How mean.

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