Faster then the speed of light

Life has just been flying by so fast lately.  So much going on, and I just haven’t had the energy to blog @ the end of the day.

There was the day a few weeks ago when I wished I had thought to bring my camera to Walmart.  The Firefighters were there with their “Fill the Boot” fundraiser for Jerry’s Kids or whatever.  But the awesome thing, when BigBoy asked if he could check out their truck, They opened it up and let the kids climb in and try on a hat and everything.  It was awesome, and so much fun, and they were so nice, of course we put a few bucks in the boot.  The kids had a blast, and I wished for a camera, but oh well.

Then there was the school projects we did, & had so much fun with.  Like the Nile River model that we made out of potting soil, alum foiil, & a roasting pan. Even the Mailady commented on it, she said it was awesome and she wished they had done cool stuff like that when she was in school. We also mummified a Dollhouse lady and then buried her in a lego pyramid.  it was fun.

Then football season started (Go NY Giants!!), soccer started, and Hanna hit, and life has just been non stop.

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  1. I hear you! lately life’s been moving too fast- but you “can’t stop this train” (John Mayer moment, lol) Love You!

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