Breakin' Dishes

Yup. It’s been a while since I did one of these, and boy oh boy do I ever need to fling some dishes across the the room…

To fling across the room:

The Navy. I don’t think there is a navy wife alive who doesn’t feel this way at some point in her husband’s career. Right now, for reasons I won’t discuss here (OpSec people! Loose lips sink ships!), I am so ready for us to be done with the Navy. 475 days. But who’s counting?

“Back to School”. How in the heck does Walmart already have the Back to School stuff out? Didn’t summer just start? What happened? But don’t worry, when take the displays down in early October, they will be replaced by Christmas stuff. Ugh. Remember back in the day when Summer vacation started June 3rd-ish, and you didn’t see “Back to School” sales until late August? Really, are parents that eager to ship their kids off to school? I don’t know, we homeschool. Maybe I just don’t get it. One thing those sales do to me though, they remind me that I need to start planning for the next year. Do. Not. Want. I’m nothing if not a procrastinator.

My Feet. Srsly, Plantar Fasciitis sux hardcore. I’ve had 3 shots of cortisone in my right foot, and still the pain. My Podiatrist now thinks I’ve got a lovely complication called Entrapment of the Lateral Plantar Nerve. Let me tell ya, it’s about as fun as being thrown into a pit of hungry tigers with a raw steak shoved down the back of your pants. Yea. That fun. When every step feels like walking on burning spikes, your outlook on life is pretty dramatically affected.

Caffeine. Because even the tiniest amount found in Midol now triggers kidney problems.  That’s right, I exist without the help of caffeine, no Starbucks for me.  And also no more Midol.  Ugh.  I think I may need to invest in a punching bag soon, though I have no idea where I’d put it.

Not to fling:

AirCast Because thanks to that nice cushiony bubble of air under my arch, I can function without reaching stronger pain pills on an hourly basis.

Homeschool. Because despite the stress it puts on me, and the constant challenge, it’s awesome to see the kids flourish.  I can’t imagine sending them away for the better part of the day. Oh, there are days when I want to pack the lot of them in a box and mail them to Alaska…  But they really are good kids, and I’d miss them.

ICanHasCheezburger & FailBlog. Because they make me laugh.

Your turn.  What do you want to fling into the sink?  What do you want to keep?

5 thoughts on “Breakin' Dishes

  1. Well do you really want to open this can of worms? Okay here goes…. the Navy (I am there with you), My friggin feet pain, the incredible amount of frustration I have and mosquitos. I want to keep chicken, because it is just about the only darn thing that my kids will eat, plurk because it makes me laugh and feel good, and great friends like you.

  2. Idiots Smart people in the Navy (FLING)… {Old school} Loose Lips Sink Ships… {21 century} But Careless Keystrokes Can Kill…! (KEEP)

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