Things to Fling

So yea.  It was an O.K. day.  Then Big Boy took a flying leap off the couch and landed squarely on my back.  Yea.  Then Auntie Flo showed up along with the back spasms, and I’m so ready to fling some dishes.  So here goes…

Things to Fling:

the new Word press 2.5 interface:  It sux.  I’ve spent the better part of two days trying to hack the PHP to get what I want from it.  While I used to be a Webdesigner back in the good ol’ HTML age, PHP is a foreign language to me.  these past two days have been a crash course, and left me with a headache.

Website downtime:  Suffice to say that I am taking steps to rectify the matter.  It will not be fun.  But it is indeed necessary.

Things not to fling:

Thomas’s Bagels:  If you haven’t yet discovered these little joys, this is one of those things that makes waking up in the morning fun.

Rare Moments: like most of this afternoon, when my children actually co-exist in peace.

Your turn.  Name something to fling and something to hold tight to.

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