Hot Mama: new sweater

 Well, Sarah at Ordinary Days wants to see pictures of the last thing us hot moms bought for ourselves. I’m taking this one farther…  Here’s a few pics of me.

Everyday Me

Everyday Me
This is my big comfy NY Giants sweatshirt.  I inherited this from Dad when he died.  It’s almost daily wear now.  There is usually a tank top under there, and whatever jeans I have that are clean.  Also, not the hair all pulled up…  yea.  That’s to keep it out of my face, and what you don’t see is the big 90’s throwback clip I use to pull it all back. I know.  So hot. *S*

Dressy Me

New Sweater
This is my newest sweater.  I had to replace the well-loved brown one from last year because the cuffs had so many holes, they almost weren’t attached.  This is typical church wear for me.  See!  hair down!  Woo hoo!  And no.  I don’t wear makeup.  I tend to use photoshop on my face, though I didn’t this time.

Hawt Me

Hawt Me
This Hawt Me.  I love this vintage WWII pinup tee.  My all time fav “hawt jeans” from  Silhouettes.

So thats me.  What about you? Join the fun at Ordinary Days.

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