Photos are done!

WooHoo!  I finally finished with the photos from my sister’s wedding!  I would post some here, but right now the hard drive is a little busy with the other computer, trying to burn everything to a DVD so I can send it to her.


Can I just say how relieved I am to have finished that one.  I mean… wow.  It’s only took me about 6 weeks!  In fairness though, I was sorting through photos from 4 different Photographers, and trying to hold my house together and teach my kids, and be Mom…  all at the same time.

Credits go to the four photographers who made sure nothing was missed.  Myself (duh!), GeekBoy, Gramma, and CamGirl – who, as it turns out, has her own photog. name, Pins & Needles Photography.

All in all, the pictures are awesome.  MomoT & Bing have so many photos.  And the wedding was beautiful.  It really went off spectacularly well considering the short amount of time we all had to plan & execute it.

Best of luck little sis.  Take care of her Bing.  Here’s to a long and happy life together.

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