Wedding Photos… again

This is what I’m doing today.   I am spending the day fixing up photos.  I’m almost done!  I’m so close to done I can taste it.   So here are a few of the favs so far…

Jr. Photog
The Jr. Photographer.

The grand entrance.

Who gives this woman?
Who gives this woman?
I love how this turned out, the hands with the Bible in the background… So pretty.

Maid of Honor
The maid of honor.
exchange of Rings
The exchange of rings.

Sleeping kid, Emotional Dad
I swear DH was not sleeping.  LilChicano had crashed out, and DH was kind of emotional.  It was a very emotional day for all of what with Dad not being there.  I only include this photo because it is the best photo I have of DH wearing Dad’s tie.

the Kiss
The Kiss.

the Exit
Man and Wife.

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