Hot Mama: In a Pinch

Today Sarah asks:  What have you ever done in a pinch?

Well…  hard to some up with something hot mom related since my look is generally low-key.  But there was this one time.  We had flown out to Cali for my SIL’s wedding.  I didn’t pack a razor for my hairy legs figuring I’d buy one when we got there rather then risk the security agents at the airport.   Then I ran into a problem when the base commisary where we were staying (a teeny little place really, more like a 7 day then a commissary – or for you civilians, more like a gas station pit stop then a grocery store) did not sell razors.  Not even the cheap disposable kind.  Not even for men!  I know!  How ridiculous!

But lucky for me, they did have some Nair.  So in a bit of pickle what with SIL’s wedding and a dress with sandals, I picked it up.  It burned, and didn’t exactly work the way the bottle said it would.  I had to do a second application.  But in a pinch it worked ok.

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  1. LOL… been there! When we went to California I figured the same thing, only our B&B was deep in the dessert and there really wasn’t much more than a small market, open odd hours, and they were temporarily out of razors as well.

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