I am an Angel's Mommy.

8 years ago today. 8 years and one week ago I woke up full of joy and anticipation. I would be hearing my baby’s heartbeat today! We prepared for the doctor visit, DH even called in late to be able to go with me. 8 years and one week ago, confusion set in when the doppler didn’t work.

Confusion led to worry when the Ultrasound showed a beautiful little baby, but didn’t pick up a heart beat.

Worry led to fear when, after being sent to labor and delivery for evaluation, yet another doctor and a new ultrasound machine failed to find a heartbeat.

Fear led to shock when, after three different machines, four doctors, and countless nurses couldn’t find the heartbeat, we were finally told our baby was dead.

Shock led to heartbreak, when 8 years ago today, I was wheeled into an operating room where doctors did what my body refused to do.

My precious Angel.

Gone… but not forgotten.

My Angel - Gone but not Forgotten

*LO done using my Angel’s Wings kit.
Brad and Pink wings from my Angel Baby Collection.
Font is Euphornigenic.
To read my Angel’s full story, click here.

8 thoughts on “I am an Angel's Mommy.

  1. Your LO is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with the scrapbooking community. SB’ing has been a huge help working thrugh my grief since the loss of my son in 2000.
    Hugs, Diann

  2. Lorraine, I feel your pain as I had a remarkably similar loss in the summer of ’99, also a little girl. Best wishes.

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