Hakuna Matata!

My SA Reading today (which was actually the day dated October 24) is about worrying over money. The topic of worry, any kind, always brings to mind the sermon I heard many years ago, given by a college student who’s name I can’t remember. The man spoke of worry and how the Bible says that we should “not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself.” The preacher pointed out that it was OK to plan ahead, but that all the “what if’s” and the worry were wrong. He made the distinction between “concern” and “worry”, stating that concern was a positive attitude, worry focuses on the negative. He made a congregation full of some of the stuffiest stuffed shirt I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, shout out “Hakuna Matata!” over and over. and of course the big joke afterwards was to replace “I’m worried about…” with “I’m concerned about…”

But back to Sarah and Simple Abundance. Sarah points out, just as the preacher had oh so many years ago, that worry never solves anything, especially when it comes to money, she adds. Sarah even believes that all that negative thought towards money will actually repel money. Instead, she asks you to calculate whether you have enough to meet your needs. Note to self: Needs are not wants. Determine your needs and budget your money accordingly. Stop focusing on lack! If you have more than you need then happy happy day! That’s called Abundance! But while you are waiting for your ship to come in, focus on the positives, don’t dwell on the negatives. Ask yourself, how can I create money today?

“Constant worry about money blocks your creativity & clear thinking.”

– Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer, Creating Money: Keys to Abundance

Keep it (your budget) simple, uncomplicated. I think of applying FLYlady’s principles of housecleaning to the budget. De-clutter! Look at your spending and get rid of anything you don’t need or love. For example, at this moment in time, all I need to pay is the phone bill and the TV bill. The military handles the rest for as long as we live in base housing. Soon, we will be moving, and hopefully buying a home. Instead of sitting here, chewing my fingernails, worrying over if we will be able to afford our own place, I can be looking over the budget, looking at what the mortgage payment will most likely be, find out the average cost of electric, water, homeowner’s insurance, homeowners association dues, and anything else that goes into owning a home. Once I figure out what those bills *might* look like, I can look at our current budget, and plan for the future. having a plan in place will not only stop the worry growing in my heart, but will help us curtail the spending now, and show us how much of a house we can *afford* without going into serious debt.

Sarah likens a simple budget to a rose bush that is cut back in the winter, so it can grow again in the spring. Well… it’s winter outside my window right now. Here’s hoping for a very prosperous spring! *S*

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