Lesson from Loss

I’ve picked up Simple Abundance again… and I started with the passage marked October 18 (even though it is indeed the 20th). The article can be summed up in one statement: Life is precious, don’t waste it.

Sarah tells the story of 7 women who died in a plane crash on their way home. Sarah says, “What were their last thoughts? It certainly wasn’t the deal made or lost or how hassled their day had been. Surely their last thoughts were Real.” No kidding.

I got to thinking, dangerous, i know. But if this were my last moments on Earth, and I knew it… Would I be sitting here surfing the internet? or watching TV? or would i be snuggling one last time with my babies? I think that answer is pretty crystal clear… but then I thought, what would regret? I would regret the harsh words spoken to my children throughout the day. I would regret spending so much time on the internet each day. How would my babies remember me?? would they remember the times I played tickle chase, and took them to the park? or would they remember mom as the back of my head as I geeked away?

I’ve got to get my life into focus….  So since the kids are in bed (notice i didn’t say sleeping), and the ball game is recording…  time to catch up on some blogging, and finish up my design work so that I can totally attempt to turn off the computer tommorrow afternoon.

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