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Ok.. Ya’ll have prolly noticed that It’s been a while since I posted an SA reading…  HEre’s what happened.  I realized something almost scary.  Swimsuit season is only a few short months away, and my belly…  well… it is definatly not in swimsuit shape.  So I made the decision that TaeBo was more important, not just to my waistline, but also to my future.  The more in shape I get myself now, the longer of a future I will have.

So here I am, it’s a very rare morning when my boys (DS5 & DS1) are sleeping in, and my DD3 is here playing quietly by herself on her computer.  My TaeBo is done, and there is no one begging for my attention, other then the occasional, “Mommy look!” from my DD3.

So I decided to just jump in to the month of April with my readings…  I skimmed over the articles about personal style and color.  But today, the one that drew me was the April 8th reading.  the start of a small series on finances and Simple Abundance.

She mentions that we will not always be able to afford the Armani sweater, or other such high priced fashion (A corelation to her style and color  articles earlier in the month), and admits that such things do not necesarilly fall in line with someone who has commited to
a spirtual journey to find one’s authentic self.  My favorite little quote in this article comes from Marianne Williamson:

“Seek ye first, the kingdom of heaven, and the Maserati will get here when it’s supposed to.”

Sarah Ban Breathnach goes on to encourage us all to use our own creatity to compensate for what our wallets can not afford.  I love this because as I scan over the Arpil 9th article, IT speaks to simplicity and luxury.  I think the quote from Geoffrey Beene that Sarah has placed at the top says it all really.

“Luxury need not have a price — comfort itself is a luxury.”

Luxury doesn’t have to bee a life of ease, it can be as simple as adding a little whipped cream to your hot chocolate, or giving yourself that extra ten minutes in bed in the morning.  And of course, todays actuall assigned reading is about the wonders of thrift shops.  I’ll admit, it’s been a long while since I went to a thrift shop.  But I remember well the bargins I used to find there.  Some of my fav clothes came from thrift shops, as well as the pair of New York Giants glasses.  I really ought take a walk through my local thrift store someday…  Who knows what treasures I may find there.  *S*

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