Me Time

**A special thanks to Bev, who encouraged me via email after yesterday’s post. Bev reminded me that not every topic in the book will apply to every person. Also, that Sarah wouldn’t want anyone getting depressed because of her writings… Thanks for the head check Bev! *S*

So today’s reading boils down to this: If you feel like you are at your breaking point, take some time for you. Order take out, or hold your own film festival. Do something just for you. Say “NO” to the next person who asks you to do that one more thing that will send you over the edge. While this is an awesome thing, to take time for yourself when you are stressed to recoup and gather yourself, I think it needs some improvement.

Frankly, I think waiting until you are at that breaking point to do something just for you, is too late.  Again, this is another instance where FLYlady dovetails with SA.  FLYlady’s right hand woman Kelly issues weekly “Pamper Me” challenges.  Marla constatly teaches us that we are worth it. I think you should prolly pamper yourself at least once a week.  My “Me time” is my scrapping, and my blog time.  Usually it’s first thing in the morning….  but then there are days like today when I don’t get to posting until well after noon.  either way, at least I’ve taken a few minutes for myself.  *S*

I encourage you, my readers, take some time for you today.  *S*  Even if it’s just to watch American Idol tonight!  Sit back, relax and enjoy.  *S*

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