This makes me sicker than swine flu ever could.


So this is the new leftist humor?

Wonkette attacked Sarah Palin’s baby Trig on his birthday.

via Leading Leftie Blog Mocks Sarah Palin’s Handicapped Baby on His Birthday | The Gateway Pundit.

I can’t even. You’ll have to go to Gateway Pundit to see the photo on this one. It is so offensive to me, I refuse to allow it on my blog.  To attack a baby? I thought Politician’s kids were off limits? Oh wait, I forgot. That only applies to liberal, left-wing, progressive, socialist politicians, or anyone with a big “D” behind their name.  It’s open season on GOP or Conservative politicians’ kids. /headdesk


Dana Loesch, Larry O’Connor, Jim Nolte, and thousands others on Twitter came together today on twitter to stand up for decency, Trig Palin, and millions of other Special Needs Kids.  Dubbed #TrigsCrew, the folks on twitter have managed to totally pwn the author of the despicable article, the Wonkette website, and it’s lead Editor. It has been a thing of beauty to behold. Dana has chronicled the saga throughout the day over at
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